Starting Over

SDC11932I don’t know what happened, and Doug can’t figure it out either. A few months ago I had issues logging into my blog, and it couldn’t be fixed. Doug ended up having to wipe out everything and start over. My wonderful husband feels terrible, though it isn’t his fault. He did the best he could. I was able to get the appearance (mostly) back to how I had it, and Doug did his best to save my content. But he couldn’t access my blog to get to the archives, and had to save it from the database. I don’t even know what all of that means. The content of my previous posts is a wall of text in a notepad document. There are years of posts that are fairly unrecognizable.

I have two options now. I can either sift through and backpost each posts (or just my favourites), and try to sort out the HTML to clean up each post; or I can start over. I haven’t officially decided to scrap the posts, but for now I am starting over. I liked to think this blog was here to help other people. I liked to think my words meant something to someone other than me, but I don’t know that it matters. My words mean something to me, and those years of blog posts that are sitting all jumbled up in a file I can’t make sense of kind of break my heart. But here is my blank slate, a chance to re-invent myself. Who do I want to be?  What do I want to make of myself? Truth be told, I’m pretty okay being myself.

So here I am, starting over. Most of you know my story already, but for anyone who is new to this corner of the internet, welcome. I’ll have the “about” pages completed soon, and you’ll be able to get up to speed. For now… check out the links to the right and find me on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

This is my zoo. I’m Shauna, the head zookeeper! My co-zookeeper is Doug, and our zoo consists of Monkey- our 4 year old autistic little dude; and Bear- our 2 year old snuggle bug. We are also joined by Fish- a two and a half year old betta fish, Ozzy- a seven and a half year old greyhound, and Delilah- a 9 year old calico cat. This zoo is wonderful, beautiful, loud, messy, snuggly, crazy, and mine.

I’m back!

After a long hiatus due, primarily, to technical difficulties and my inability to understand how these things work, I’m back!

My wonderful husband tried to fix my blog, leaving all the content there, but was unsuccessful. So, he reset the blog and I’m starting from scratch. He says he will show me how to put my past posts back up, so in the near future all my posts will be back in the blog where they belong.

For now, this is it. I have been sitting here for two hours getting my blog back up and running, and Monkey will be home from school soon, so I’ll have to come back with a general update later.

Until then, DFTBA.